Saturday 10th January 2009

FallenAngel signature, Vin Diesel. I couldn’t find any fantastic wings, or fantastic wing brushes, so I’ve not made Vin into an angel. But, tell me what you think:


FallenAngel (Preview)

Saturday 3rd January 2009

I’m in the making of redesigning the signature I made FallenAngel a couple of weeks ago. It’s not finished yet, but here is a preview (click image for full-size version):


Any improvements, please post a comment!

Entry 1

Wednesday 31st December 2008

Entry 1. Click the images to view full size. Please wait until all 5 images have loaded.

NOTE: This entry is not theColster123’s. It is only hosted on his blog. This is so it’s easier for people to view it, so they aren’t downloading 5 seperate files.








Wednesday 24th December 2008

I’ve had about CS2 for just over a day, and I have done 2 signatures with it. The first one was done after 10 mins of me using CS2, and I actually got the text effect by accident. The second one I was actually planning on making it look like it does. 😛

Anyway, here they are:


Last 2 images using Paint.NET

Wednesday 24th December 2008

I recently got CS2, so these are my last two signatures using Paint.NET.